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Since childhood, Mookie Espinoza wanted to be in a rock band.

In the 1980s, Espinoza was living across the street from a few members of Acridity, a rock metal band from Victoria. Decades later, he still remembers how cool it was to hear the band rehearse. And it was even cooler when the band’s 1991 album, “For Freedom I Cry” hit the shelves at local Hastings.

“I really admired them,” Espinoza said on Wednesday, adding: “I thought it was great. They were influenced by a lot of things I was listening to at the time.

These days, Espinoza, driver for Waste Management, is living the dream. Along with three other musicians from Victoria, Espinoza said he had a chance to fulfill his lifelong musical passions as a member of Delphine’s Dream.

Delphine’s Dream, a rock ‘n’ roll cover band with a huge repertoire including hundreds of modern and classical rock songs, is due to perform on VPL Jams at the Victoria Public Library at 7:15 p.m. Friday.

Delphine’s Dream has been playing together for about 10 years, although they haven’t always had their current name.

Rene Figueroa, drummer and backing vocalist for the group, said they chose the name somewhat at random. The “Delphine” is borrowed from the name of Figueroa’s wife. And the dream part has come to them because the group strives to put on perfect performances, at the “dream” level of their favorite artists.

Plus, Figueroa said, playing in the squad itself was a dream.

Much of that, Figueroa and Espinoza said, feeds off the energy of the crowd when they’re particularly digging into a song or set.

From Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Coldplay and Modest Mouse, the group covers a rock band spanning decades and styles.

The band members – who also include Joseph Reyes, lead singer, and Jim McCulloch, lead guitar and backing vocals – bring a lot of ability and experience to the table, so it’s not difficult for the band to pick new songs. at the drop of a hat.

“We are seasoned,” said Figueroa.

This collective capacity allows the group to have at least 400 songs ready to play at any time.

While Delphine’s Dream lineup can include all kinds of music, Figueroa said he and others in the group have a soft spot for classic rock and 70s, 80s and 90s pop.

Some of Figueroa’s most beloved influences include The Who, Journey, Rush, and Van Halen.

Espinoza said he grew up with Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Anthrax and others. As a child, Espinoza got lost in rock music and often listened to his boombox with his ear near the speakers so as not to miss a thing.

Brianna Valenzuela, public service librarian at the Victoria Public Library, said the library has showcased many local bands and artists since they started hosting VPL Jams. The library began hosting the event during part of the pandemic when bars and local venues faced massive closures.

“We wanted to give local bands a chance to keep playing,” she said.

While the event is no longer just virtual, it still provides a great platform to give local artists a chance to put on a show, she said.

It’s a chance for the local audience to hear something new. The audience is made up of residents from all walks of life and all age groups. Many “never thought they would come to a (rock) concert at the library,” she said.

Espinoza said that he and other band members enjoy performing in part because it’s a pleasure to rehearse a tough song and nail it down during the performance. There are few feelings like that, he said.

Friday, Delphine’s Dream hopes again to succeed with its concert on the shelves of the library.

“This is what we worked for,” he said.

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