Two Minutes To Late Night Shares Doom Metal Cover Of David Bowie’s “Station To Station”

Two Minutes To Late Night Shares Doom Metal Cover Of

David Bowie’s music lives on through the art of covers. Earlier this month, Spoon covered his iconic “I can’t give it all away,” according to mxdwn. Now Two Minutes To Late Night brings us a doom metal touch to Bowie’s “Station to Station” grunge and dance bop.

The band teams up virtually to present a rock special of “Station to Station” through a gripping symphony of electric chords and flares. The original opens with sounds resembling distorted jet turbine winds before holding a steady chord that continues into a drum solo. The cover replaces the winds with fast, muffled electric scratches, then turns into a montage of electrifying guitar solos and commanding vocals.

Compared to the cover, David Bowie’s “Station to Station” occasionally benefits from muffled, quiet verses, with feel-good upbeat percussion. The voices command a presence in both the original and the cover that holds up well alongside the intensity of the menacing touches.

Overall, Bowie’s version cuts through emotional and tonal ups and downs, allowing the track to breathe in some parts and run at full speed in others. Two Minute To Late is running full speed all the time. It’s food for the soul of doom metal fans and perhaps an intriguing twist for longtime Bowie fans.

Fans can enjoy visuals on the cover, with their video now being promoted on Instagram.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat


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