Two Minutes To Late Night pays tribute to Mark Lanegan with a cover of “Hit The City”

Two Minutes To Late Night pays tribute to Mark Lanegan with a cover of

The heavy metal-themed talk show Two minutes ’til late at night hosted by Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman released a cover of Mark Lanegan’s song “Hit In The City”.

“‘Hit The City’ is a song I had planned to cover for years and I will regret not doing it sooner,” Drew Kaufman wrote on the band’s Instagram page. “I don’t sound like Mark, but I wouldn’t be singing if I hadn’t heard him. RIP to a true genius and the secret weapon of the 90s and 00s[‘s].”

Mark Lanegan was a singular talent in the world of alternative rock and grunge. As the lead singer of Screaming Trees, co-frontman of Queen of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins, he was a familiar creative force for fans of these bands’ tendency to interweave grunge, psychedelic rock and hard rock. .

Langegan’s passing earlier this week was therefore understandably shocking, and some of the industry’s most iconic artists – from Iggy Pop to David Grohl – have paid tribute to the entertainer.

Two Minutes to Late Night, the internet’s hottest heavy metal talk show, was the latest to join the chorus of remembrance, this time with a cover of Lanegan’s 2004 single Hit The City. Distinct styles from Lanegan’s body of work, this song about self-destruction hit home for Lanegan, whose lifelong struggles with drug addiction began before he was even of age. to grow a mustache.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat


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