The leader of SKILLET affirms that his group is “revolutionary” while RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE is a “government rock”

Move over Trapt, the singer of SkilletJohn Cooper has had a great year making headlines for talking nonsense. He has been fiercely anti-vax and even compared the Grammys to Hitler earlier this year. Now he’s coming for Rage against the machine calling them “government rock”.

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Why are they government rock? Well, according to Cooper, that’s because the band’s upcoming concerts will be at venues that require proof of vaccination. So, he says, because he refuses to comply with vaccine requirements, it makes him a “revolutionary.”

Truly a galaxy brain take. Here is the full quote from his interview:

“Usually I think I’m a pretty gracious person, or I try to be, where it is, like, I don’t care, Luke, whether you get the shot or not.” And I don’t know if you care if I get it. It doesn’t matter to me. There are some things you can choose from. But there was that collective spirit… I mean, people gone crazy. I expect half the country to eat weed.

“What’s really weird to me is that I’ve been talking about my faith in Christ for a long, long time in the mainstream world. Now let’s be honest – not everyone in the mainstream world is crazy about this. They don’t necessarily like to hear about Jesus, but they have always supported me – some have even supported me. But I’ll tell you what: the biggest bribe I’ve ever received – ever – because my faith has been in my position on vaccine warrants and mask warrants. It’s like I – like the unforgivable sin.

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“I said to my wife, I said the amazing thing it shows me is that it wasn’t the gospel quote, it wasn’t the gospel of Christ that got them. got really, really angry – meaning, “Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.” No one comes to the father without going through him. A lot of people didn’t like this post, but they can handle it. But they won’t take care of you to speak out against the state. They won’t take care of it. And what you’re really witnessing is a real that you spoke of against their God. You did not bow down to the golden idol of Nebuchadnezzar. And that’s the only thing you are not allowed to do. It was really amazing for me.

“So a lot of bands, they just don’t know what to do. And when I say “they”, I mean we’re there too. We just don’t know what to do as you are part of an entertainment industry that relies heavily on social media and media in general. And you’re not allowed to talk about anything against… I mean, you have Rage Against the Machine telling people if they don’t get vaccinated… Rage Against the Machine has become the machine. It’s crazy. I’m, like, wait a minute – am I the revolutionary here? I am the revolutionary and Rage Against the Machine is nothing more than “government rock” now. My older brother coined the term “government rock”, which I think is pretty awesome. I think that’s pretty good – it’s a great way to make fun of someone. “

If you need to see the quote to believe it, you can do so below:


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