The Hellfreaks Release New Music Video For The Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ Cover

THE FRENCH FROM HELL have released a new music video!

The new clip, a cover of BABY BOYS‘legendary tube Sabotage, is the brand new single from the Hungarian punk band.

Speaking of the cover, the band says, “Anyone familiar with our history may not be surprised by the unpredictable stages of THE FRENCH FROM HELL. We like to challenge ourselves and see that spirit as the oil in our engine, so we decided to do something we’ve never done before: cover a song that represents a legendary piece of the history of rock music. The four members of THE FRENCH FROM HELL come from different musical backgrounds, so it wasn’t easy to find the song that suited us all, but when the idea of BABY BOYS Sabotage jumped into the air, we were all immediately on board!

We admire the band, but at the same time, we saw how we could spice up the song with some HELLFREAKS mind to somehow transform it into ours. That being said, we decided to record the instrumental part not instrument by instrument, part by part as usual, but to record it together, live, to keep the essence of BABY BOYS in our own version too. On top, we also wanted to visually put a sign of our roots. New York base BABY BOYS came straight from the underground and had a huge influence on rock music to the present day. To respect this, we recorded the video in the heart of our hometown, Budapest, over the rooftops of our city on Gellért Hill, which is also home to the Hungarian Statue of Liberty. We really enjoyed working on it and hope you enjoy our version!

Watch the official Sabotage clip here:

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