THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SPHERICAL UNIVERSE of France signs the uprising! Recordings; New album expected in May

Uprising! Records announces that the French progressive metal unit, Spheric Universe Experience, is now on its roster. The French Riviera quintet will release a new studio album, titled Back Home, in May 2022.

The band comments on the signing: “As a band we are extremely excited to join the impressive roster of talented artists at Uprising !. A real honor. After years of hard work delivering our best possible effort, Uprising! was definitely the best. home for our long awaited new studio release. The five of us are looking forward to 2022! “

The beginnings of Spheric Universe Experience (SUE) date back to 1999, when guitarist Vince Benaim decided to create a progressive metal band. After a few years of composing their own material, the band recorded their first official album in April 2003, titled The Burning Box. The demo was sent to Intromental Management, who immediately fell in love with the band’s sound and decided to offer them a management contract. In the summer of 2004, SUE signed a worldwide recording contract with the French label Replica Records. A US license was also inked at Nightmare Records. Four albums were released in the following years, on labels such as Replica Records, Nightmare Records and Sensory Records.

Having toured extensively in recent years; from France to Denmark, from Holland to Poland and from Italy to the United States, this group has explored the frontiers of musical life within the genre, and have now spent the last five years composing what will be the absolute pinnacle of their career so far, namely the space concept album, Back Home.

Dizzying riffs, breathtaking solos, punchy rhythms and voices that nail, supreme. With a superb production from talented producer Damien Rainaud, the music inspired by Symphony X, Dream Theater and Queen is a statement, set in stone.

“Back home” does not only mean return to Earth for the space travelers in the history of the concept, but it also means return home for the group, as they have returned to their original roots: composing and create real, progressive masterpieces, for every album they make. In space, no one can hear you screaming, but SUE is definitely ready to be heard here on Earth with Back Home.

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