The Aborted Meat Loaf album that became Jim Steinman’s epic

Shortly after Meat Loaf released the classic 1977 “Bat Out Of Hell” album, Jim Steinman set to work on a new batch of songs that were to be the sequel. It never happened.

Meat Loaf suffered from vocal issues while recording the “Renegade Angel” album and eventually the project was dropped for Meat Loaf but continued for Jim. “I spent seven months trying to follow up [to Bat] with him, and it was a hellish nightmare. He had lost his voice, he had lost his house and he was practically losing his mind,” Steinman said in the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music.

Steinman then decided to make the album himself, with the band Meat Loaf minus Meat Loaf. The album was released as “Bad For Good” in 1981. It reached #5 in Australia, #7 in the UK and #63 in the US.

Over the decades, Meat Loaf re-recorded the songs and included them on his various albums. ‘Surf’s Up’ was on 1984’s ‘Bad Attitude’, ‘Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through’, ‘Out of the Frying Pan (and Into The Fire), ‘Love and Death and the American Guitar’ was retitled ‘Wasted Youth ‘ and ‘Lost Boys and Golden Girls’ was released on ‘Bat Out Of Hell: Back To Hell’ in 1993. ‘Left In The Dark’ was on ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’ in 1995 and ‘Bad For Good’ was eventually published by Meat Loaf on “Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose” in 2006.

The two songs that were never released by Meat Loaf were “Stark Raving Love” and “Dance In My Pants”, along with the bonus single “The Storm”.

11 years before Meat Loaf recorded “Left In The Dark”, the track made its way to Barbra Streisand who had a Top 40 in Australia with the song.

Meat Loaf’s last album was “Braver Than We Are” in 2016. All songs on the album were written by Jim Steinman. Steinman died in April 2021.

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