SOiL releases a fiery cover of NEIL YOUNG’s “Rockin’ In The Free World”; audio

When Neil Young and his band learned that their 1989 concert to be held in the Soviet Union had been canceled by antagonistic government authorities, Young’s guitarist Frank Sampedro responded to the news with “well, I guess we will have to keep rocking in the free world. And thus, one of the most legendary and fiercely provocative rock anthems of the 20th century was born.

The song became the bookend to Young’s brilliant studio album Freedom, with an acoustic version to kick it off and an electric version to close it and would ultimately be celebrated as one of the magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. RollingStone (#216).

Now that Young’s music has died down on the world’s most prominent music platform, Spotify, another group has stepped forward to ensure Young’s rebellious spirit lives on with a powerful new version of ” Rockin’ In The Free World”. Chicago alt-metal kings SOiL have released their own version of the song across all digital platforms, keeping the fire burning for future generations of rebels and iconoclasts.

As the band explains, “Over the years, SOiL considered covering Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ several times. It was a song that really touched us individually in our youth before SOiL was even a band. The song still stands the test of time and is as powerful today as it was then. This version we recorded was due out as part of a special album coming later this year, but we decided now would be a good time for everyone to hear our take on the Neil Young classic with the SOiL twist. . We hope you all enjoy it!

Stream/download the single here. Listen below:

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