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For a while I wondered how Sleep Token’s anonymous black magician shtick would translate on stage. Their albums and clips follow a strict aesthetic that demands your attention and invites analysis. Live, one way or another, the band conceived something completely different: a pensive, personal and moving show.

Like a dark messiah, Vessel – the band’s masked singer – took to the stage with his hands raised to the sound of his followers shouting his name.

He was joined by a pair of black-robed choristers, stoic and motionless throughout the performance.

Vessel cooed the first half of the Atlantic led by the piano to cries that outweighed his voice. His guitarists quickly crawled across the stage like demons to complete the band’s setup and end the song with immeasurable power.

Without wasting any time, the sect launched into Hypnosis, one of their heaviest tracks.

Thanks to this, Sleep Token proved that they have the musicality, skill and presence to be a pure metal band if they ever liked it.

But it was some of the group’s most emotional and enchanting tracks that really blew up the roof of the makeshift place of worship.

Fall For Me, in particular, was a real headache.

I recently considered this to be the worst song on the album, but I’ll happily eat my lyrics. I was wrong.

The group enlisted a quartet of dancer performers to illustrate the alluring and mystical message of Vessel’s beautifully heart-wrenching vocals song. It made me see the play as a more performative and vulnerable instance in the most difficult moments. This notion was felt in Shepherd’s Bush, as there was not a dry eye in the house. A really special moment for the band, for sure.

Right before that, The Love You Want gave Vessel the opportunity to explore her breathtaking and unwavering vocal performance.

Few singers sound perfect live, but the Macabre Maestro was absolutely divine. As if you were listening to the album; completely effortless.

Vessel has spent much of his time exploring his own personal performance space, his hands swinging between nervous pleasure and anxious responsibility to the thousands of people in front of him.

But he seemed most at ease as he approached the edge of the stage, causing his followers’ hands to rise in an effort to touch their new leader.

Through Vessel’s throaty cries and delicate choruses that echoed through the halls of the hall, Sleep Token fans were visibly moved by their music’s messages through more than one song.

I’ve seen emotional fans at concerts before – I’ve been one – but it felt a little different to me.

This Sleep Token experience – and she is an experience – felt as a movement. The rise of a group that is surely poised to dominate the biggest stages in the country, and with more presence than some of the biggest groups in the UK. There isn’t another band in the UK that can come close to creating an atmosphere like this.

Sleep Token not only provided an almost religious experience that thrilled their fans and expanded their music with new riffs and patterns, they created a night of worship for their fans, their music, and the future they hang out with. undoubtedly cut every night. on the scene. It hardly gets any better than that.

Sleep Token’s latest album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, is out now.

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