New band in the neighborhood, The 12/21 releases a pop-punk banger, ‘She’s Electric’

Bursting with energy, emitting semen, and quite simply, extremely catchy. Even on first listen, those are words to describe The 12/21’s latest release titled “She’s Electric”. This upbeat banger is surely about to electrify the airwaves and boost morale.

12/21 is a growing group and this group of three Filipino brothers continues to surpass themselves. Prior to the pandemic, the group had already had a successful tour of the Philippines, part of which was live television appearances in Manila. In 2019, these brothers won the 2019 Jim Beam National Talent Search in Canada and also performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

But before taking to the big stages, these brothers started out humbly in their grandparents’ house in Manila before eventually migrating to Winnipeg, Canada. They then moved to Winnipeg where they continue to create music and perform thoroughly in shows.

The 12/21 sibling group consists of Roman Maceda on vocals and guitar while twins Rico Maceda and Roque Maceda are on bass / vocals and drums respectively.

Singer Roman Maceda says the song is about navigating the pandemic. He goes on to say, “She is an outgoing and adventurous girl who is making her way despite the pandemic. With all the chaos going on around her, she can’t wait for the day when all the uncertainties are gone and she can start living her best life again.

For this song, they chose a different sound that still captures the essence of the group. “She’s Electric” has a more groovy and more pop feel compared to their previous versions. When it comes to their lyrical content, the group opts for relevant themes of love, people and relationships.

Even though they are currently based in Canada, they continue to embrace and defend their Filipino roots by creating songs in Tagalog and English. For those brothers who grew up listening to Filipino artists like Ely Buendia, Arnel Pineda, Yeng Constantino, Bamboo and Kamikazee, they are currently performing with the same names on stage. The group hopes to promote Filipino music on the international stage.

The Maceda brothers are on a roll this year, especially after being on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Philippines list. The 12/21 also signed a contract with a record company in the Philippines under Blacksheep Records and Viva Records, so expect to see and hear more of The 12/21 in the future.

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