NERGARD Releases Official Lyric Video For JUDAS PRIEST’s “Blood Red Skies” Cover

Norwegian symphonic metalheads Nergard have released a lyric video for their cover of Judas Priest’s epic song “Blood Red Skies”, which was released via Pug-Nose Records on November 19, 2021.

Band leader Andreas Nergård explains why he chose to cover this particular song:

“For me, ‘Blood Red Skies’ is THE standout track from Judas Priest’s 1988 album Ram It Down, and it’s a criminally underrated song. Priest themselves only performed this song live only 23 years after the release of the album. We wanted to shed light on this incredible track and at the same time pay homage to the gods of metal. I’m sure Judas Priest means as much to any metal fan as they do to me. The music we play wouldn’t exist without them.

When I started working on this song, I wanted to give it a different sound from our last album, Eternal White, which was heavily dominated by symphony orchestras and choirs. I wanted to put more emphasis on keyboards and industrial elements giving the production a more open sound. I think the overall feel of the song is very epic on its own and didn’t need EW’s “over the top” approach.”

“Blood Red Skies” is the follow-up to the band’s critically acclaimed album, Eternal White, released in May 2021 via Pride & Joy Music. Nergard is currently working on his next album.

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