Maurice Earns Praise From ‘American Idol’ Judges After Impressive Coverage Of Morgan Wallen’s ‘Whiskey Glasses’

Mauritius impressed the american idol judges with his raspy vocals and stunning cover of a Morgan Wallen hit in the final round of Idol auditions on March 27.

The 22-year-old busker from South Carolina had a tough upbringing after being placed in foster care at a very young age.

“When I was born I was separated from my mother because she was not fit to be a mother at the time and they really know where and what my father was doing. So growing up was not the easiest”, explained the candidate in a clip broadcast before his audition.

After being tossed around the foster care system and placed in ten different homes, Maurice finally found his forever home with his adoptive father, Curtis, who raised him and taught him everything he knows about music. .

“My last adoptive parent was a band manager in South Carolina and he not only taught me how to understand music, but he taught me several instruments and how to write music. Everything I did so far is due to Curtis,” he continued. “I never knew what a father was until he came into my life. I always had this idea of ​​just movies, but it literally just got bigger for me and I didn’t have to search for one anymore.

He shared that while he was in foster care, his caretakers played a lot of country songs, which motivated him to become a singer in the genre.

Maurice Covered Morgan Wallen’s ‘Whiskey Glasses’ for His Idol Audition

Dressed in blue jeans, a bucket belt and a black button-up shirt, Maurice auditioned with a cover of Morgan Wallen’s fan-favorite hit, “Whiskey Glasses,” while strumming his acoustic guitar in front of the judges. ‘Idol.

After showcasing his raspy voice, Maurice received praise from Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

“Some of these iconic things that you do, like if you could really refine them, they might actually be something that sets you apart, and I think you have a 10 percent chance of getting that tuned up,” Bryan said. .

“Maurice, I think 10% is a lot because you’re singing outside, you’re on the street and you’re trying to get attention… but I don’t think you have to try that hard when you are in the room. and especially if you have a mic,” Perry added.

“You have flavor and storytelling,” Richie said.

After Richie, Perry and Bryan raved about the budding singer’s talent, he got three unanimous “yes” votes and won a golden ticket to Hollywood.

american idol returns every Sunday and Monday at 8/7 on ABC.

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