Limp Bizkit Delivers Surprisingly Soft Cover of INXS ‘”Don’t Change”


At first glance, there isn’t much that connects Limp Bizkit and INXS.

Of course, the two groups are massive and internationally dominant musical proposals that have managed to achieve mainstream success without ever sanding down what made them unique. But the circles in which the two groups operate are distinct – the first is an American rap rock group, the second is a sultry and silky pop power. Fred Durst and Michael Hutchence are as far apart in musical style as chalk and cheese, both just setting a very specific vibe and then nailing the listener to it.

But Limp Bizkit has changed lately. It’s not that they mellowed out, exactly – their new album, It still sucks, is full of songs titled “You Bring Out The Worst In Me” and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”. They are always content to thumb their nose at tradition, creating an art that sits on the border between good and bad taste. Is that they got, dare we say it, older. These are no longer the young upstarts. It’s a fucking institution, a piece of musical history.

So yes, Limp Bizkit covering INXS may have seemed unthinkable in the past, but it is much less so now. It is a group which is satisfied to take its place in the canon, to surround itself with its colleagues and to do what it does best, without effort.

Indeed, the INXS blanket in question – a stripped down and surprisingly tender version of ‘Do not change’ – is one of their most accomplished songs in years, starring in It still sucks. It’s recognizable in Bizkit-esque – Durst couldn’t hide the outlines of his voice even if he wanted to. But it’s also a quivering and heartfelt hymn to the original song, which doesn’t deviate from what made Hutchence and his group of troubadours so special.

Listen to the song in its entirety here and let yourself be swept away by the steaming style of the thing:

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