IV & the Strange Band announce their debut album “Southern Circus”

photo: Joseph Wyman Brown

A fourth generation of the Hank Williams line will be officially crowned when IV and the Strange Band with Coleman Williams release their debut album Southern Circus on June 17 via Shooter Jennings’ Black Country Rock label. It’s quickly becoming one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

As Hank Williams’ great-grandson, Hank Jr.’s grandson, and Hank Williams III’s son, Coleman Williams decided to start the family business at the age of 30. After originally slated to release an EP on 04/20/2021, huge interest in the 4th generation artist led him to shoot those plans, hit the road to hone his chops, and return to the studio for a more extensive effort, resulting in Southern Circus.

“Before I even knew who I was, people were already expecting things from me” Coleman said in a statement. “It was like there was no freedom of speech for someone with the last name ‘Williams.’ On the other hand, singing about a lineage didn’t appeal to me. I wasn’t not interested in fitting into a shadow that already existed. What attracted me was the underground scene in Nashville.

And that’s what we’ve heard from IV and the Strange Band so far – an austere concoction of dark roots, mixed with a DIY punk and metal attitude, lots of music similar to his father Hank3’s style of music that their predecessors, but still with those deep country roots woven into the sound. It may sound strange to some, but that’s what Coleman and the Strange Band are looking for.

“I like to say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you a stranger'” said Williams. “I love weirdness and I love my Strange Band. The most genuine people in this world are the ones who allow themselves to be the weirdos that they really are, because once you repress yourself, it’s it is then that you become someone you are not.

This sound has also allowed the band to tour with a disparate group, from Arkansas folksinger Willi Carlisle to Eyehategod. Of course, in country music, carrying a last name can be both your greatest asset and your heaviest burden. But so far, Coleman has most certainly found a fan base in the “punk gone country” realm his father carved out when he first formed an underground in country music.

Southern Circus was produced by Jason Dietz, also known as The Hardin Draw bassist, and has worked with former Hank3 bassist Joe Buck in the past. Together with guitarist David Talley also from Hardin Draw, drummer Carson Kehrer and banjoist Daniel Mason known to play with Hank3, they constitute the main members of the Strange Band.

Violinist Laura Beth Jewell and steel guitarist John Judkins also appear on the new album, and Jaime Wyatt appears on the album in a song called “Broken Pieces”, a song Coleman says it is based on. “the idea that someone can’t really love you unless they know how fucked up you really are.”

Ahead of the new album IV and The Strange Band released single and video “Inbred” (see below) – inspired by the true story of the Fugates, who were a Kentucky family whose inbred history drew attention and the anger of the religious. fanatics of the 1800s.

Southern Circus is now available in pre-order.

Southern Circus List of tracks:

1. Train
2. Cigarette butts
3. Inbred
4. Hold on tight
5. Southern Despair
6. I will haunt you
7. At the bottom
8. Mischief
9. Broken Pieces
10. Drink sad
11. Son of Sin
12. Dirt

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