Isaac Wood, singer of Black Country and New Road, leaves the group before the release of the second album

The band’s next date at Dublin’s 3Olympia has been canceled following Isaac Wood’s statement.

Isaac Wood, frontman of English rock band Black Country, New Road, announced his intention to leave the band today (January 31).

The news comes days before the band’s highly anticipated second album Ants from above is due out on February 4.

While the remaining six members will continue to perform together as a collective, their upcoming shows have been canceled in light of Wood’s departure. Canceled appearances include a night at Dublin’s 3Olympia Theater on April 11, a US tour scheduled for February and all remaining UK dates.

“I have bad news is that I also feel sad and scared,” Wood wrote in a statement posted on the band’s social media pages. “I tried to pretend it wasn’t true, but it’s the kind of feeling of sadness and fear that makes it hard to play guitar and sing at the same time.”

“Together we wrote songs and then performed them which at times was an amazing action but not anymore it’s all happening so I don’t feel so good and that means from now on I don’t will be more of a member of the group.”

The group added, “Although Isaac is no longer in the group, we will continue to make music together under the name Black Country, New Road. In fact, we have already started working on it.”

“The things we will miss about working with Isaac are too many and varied to list here, but listening to the music we made together, I’m sure you’ll understand at least a few of them. It would be difficult exaggerate how much our experiences as a band have affected us. In fact, it’s hard to say anything coherent about what we have been able to do. But it has certainly been the greatest privilege to do it all together, like seven friends.”

The band were originally due to hit the road for a UK and Ireland tour last November before canceling due to “persistent illness” within the band.

Black Country, New Road released their first LP, For the first time, last February. Their efforts earned them a Mercury Prize nomination in 2020.

Their unique blend of post-rock, punk and jazz has earned them praise from fans and critics. The band adds to their distinctive sound by combining classically trained and self-taught players creating a hybrid of precise skill and raw unpredictability.

A few singles from their second album have already been released, including the dark but gripping “Snow Globes”.

The band’s follow-up album will be released through Ninja Tune despite Woods’ departure.

Listen to Black Country, the latest single from New Road below.

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