Iceage Releases Cover Of Abra’s R&B Jam “Pull Up”: Listen

Last year, ever-evolving foxy punk band from Copenhagen Iceage released seek shelter, one of our favorite albums of 2021, as well as Adult Swim’s single “High & Hurt”. Today Iceage released another unique track, and it’s something no one could have expected from this band: an atmospheric and affectionate cover of a cult R&B jam from Atlanta.

In 2016, Abra, an extremely exciting young singer from Atlanta, released her Princess PE. Abra had assembled the anarchic rap team around the DIY label Awful Records, and she had found a drugged, gothic twist on R&B. The slow, hypnotic party track “Pull Up” was a pretty good example of what she was dong at the time. (Abra remained silent for a few years after Princessbut she came back last year with “Unlock It”, a very good Playboi Carti collab.)

It’s hard to say how Iceage decided to cover “Pull Up,” but that’s what they did. Iceage turned “Pull Up” into a guttural piano rock song, but they retained Abra’s vocal cadences and delicate drum patterns from the song. It’s funny to hear Elias Bender Rønnenfelt growl about “Stop up to your crib doing shotty, shawty / Stop with your female dog, now it’s a party.” Listen to Iceage’s cover and Abra’s original below.

Iceage’s “Pull Up” cover is out now on Mexican Summer.

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