“I joined the band in one of the worst heavy metal moments of all time”


Old Judas Priest singer Tim “Ripper” Owens recently discussed the current state of Heavy metal music and claimed that he had joined Judas Priest in one of the worst times of the genre.

Tim “Ripper” Owens joined the heavy metal band Judas Priest in 1996. After a 7-year tenure with the band, the musician was replaced by the band’s current singer Rob Halford. Currently he is a member of the former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downingthe group, Priest of KK.

Throughout his career with Priest, Ripper had released two studio albums. It was the group’s thirteenth studio album, Judge, and the fourteenth studio album, Demolition. He had also appeared on the band’s two live albums, 1998’s ’98 Live Merger and 2003 Living in London.

During a recent appearance on Rock of Nations with Dave Kinchen podcast, the former Judas Priest the singer opened up about the state of heavy metal during his Priest-time. To say that its time in Priest wasn’t good in the late 90s, the singer added that no one was playing big shows back then.

“I joined Judas Priest in one of the worst heavy metal moments of all time,” he says. “’96, ’97 – my stint at Judas Priest, it wasn’t good… It was a horrible time – no one was playing big gigs.”

Ex-Judas Priest Star claims heavy metal is doing well these days

Later the old Judas Priest the singer mentioned how heavy metal is going these days. Saying he’s been better since the early 2000s, the singer added that the current state of heavy metal is excellent.

“But since the early 2000s, things have been much better,” continues the singer. “I earn my living on tour. Whether in small venues or not, I make a living playing heavy metal all over the world.

“And yes, that’s great. We don’t have to be sure [the top of the charts]. We have bands that always help – Disturbed will get a song [played on the radio]. Any band that has a classic side and is found on the radio, I still love it.

“But we don’t have to be. We’re staying here, man. We are just floating. And the metal is doing well.

Back in mid-October, the singer had shared his honest take on Rob Halford’s voice. When asked if he had heard Judas Priestthe last album of, Firepower, the musician said he thought it was a great record.

“I heard it,” he comments. “I bought it on iTunes the day it was released… I found it refreshing. I thought it was a great record. It was different.

“It was good that they brought in different producers and brought back Tom. The music wasn’t normal Judas Priest for me.

“You could tell it was written by other people, not the classic guys. Glenn and Ken [K.K. Downing, guitar] are no longer there.

“Rob looked amazing. It’s funny because singers go through times when we don’t sound as good; I think I’m living my period.

“Rob went through a time where he maybe didn’t sound as good years and years ago, and people were talking about it. And now he’s come back full again – he’s full of strength, so it’s cool to listen to. “

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