Nowadays, digitalization is becoming essential. This is why electronic service providers have designed gadgets for every aspect of daily life. Help yourself with household credit!

The house is not immune to the trend of technological accessories. European housing standards even tend to prioritize smart homes.

If you too, you plan to equip your home with the most efficient electronic devices (washing machine, dryer, oven, etc.), opt for a personal loan to finance your household goods.

Which loan should you choose for a home loan?

Which loan should you choose for a home loan?

Here is some information to help you choose the most suitable loan when purchasing household appliances.

Financial organizations have set up a type of credit specially dedicated to the purchase of your high-tech appliances and accessories for the home. This is household appliance credit.

The home appliance loan is an installment sale or a personal loan.

Indeed, many devices wear out easily or become obsolete. In order to follow the trend in terms of consumer goods in housing, choose a suitable loan! Household credit is THE most adequate financial solution.

This type of credit is an integral part of personal loans or consumer loans. The borrower is free to use his capital for the supply of household appliances or other useful appliance to his home. You can then contact Across Lender and subscribe to an electro credit request via our simulator.

It is also possible to apply online by filling out the form and the information required on our simulator. Consumer credit requests will then be studied by financial agents before being validated.

But before applying for a loan, it is better to choose the formula suited to your repayment capacity. This means, a home appliance loan at a very attractive rate and with good repayment conditions. The annual percentage rate (APR) varies according to the amount borrowed.

Appliance loan request

Appliance loan request

The online loan application procedure is the easiest. If you have already found the formula that suits you, make your request directly on the site. If in doubt, use the services of a Across Lender advisor. The advantage of applying online is the saving of time, you limit your trips to the bank until the signing of the contract. However, care must be taken to perfect the content of your credit application. This document is the first step towards obtaining an appliance credit contract. In both cases, its content must be relevant and clear.

Usefulness of a home appliance loan

The advantages of such a credit should be emphasized in order to warn consumers of its importance. Like all credit formulas, you have the opportunity to get a real boost. With the economic crisis, households tend to postpone the purchase of essential goods. A home appliance loan is a good financial alternative to update your kitchen appliances (electric oven, pressure cooker, coffee machine, etc.) or those in your bathroom (washing machine, dryer, etc.). Basically, this loan offer helps you equip your home with the latest technology to make your life easier, because everything can be programmed without you having to lift a finger. Today, you even have the chance to buy devices that are more efficient and more energy efficient.

The point to remember when acquiring credit is that you should not exaggerate. Certainly, you have at your disposal a capital intended to equip your house but it is imperative to manage your loan well in order to buy only the essentials. The amount you request should therefore not be too high. All the more, that with too large a loan you will have to pay more interest. The bank will of course have to carry out an analysis of your repayment capacity before granting you a loan.

It is better to do a study beforehand before applying for a loan. By using a loan simulator, you will have access to more information on the rates and terms offered by Belgian banks. If you have any questions, contact your Across Lender credit intermediary.

Your file will be processed as soon as possible after your online simulation.

Warning, borrowing money also costs money.


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