How to appeal your council tax bracket to get a £150 rebate

The Chancellor has offered a council tax refund of £150. (Getty)

Last week the Chancellor introduced a £150 council tax rebate to help people cope with soaring energy bills and the growing cost of living crisis.

Rishi Sunak said 80 per cent of all homes in England would benefit from the rebate following a 54 per cent rise in the price cap which will lead to a £700 rise in energy bills for around 22 million households from April.

The discount is only available to those in Groups A to D. This has led to thousands of Britons checking whether they can appeal from their group and qualify for payment, with the Telegraph reporting that up to 100,000 owners might require a change.

The Valuation Office Agency (VAO), which decides on the council’s strips, said it received three times the usual inquiries from owners in the past week after the announcement.

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Sunak announced a £9billion package on Thursday, including a one-time £200 rebate to all energy bill payers to be recouped through annual payments of £40; a £150 rebate on council tax bills and £144m to councils to support vulnerable households amid soaring energy prices.

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How to appeal your council tax bracket to get a £150 rebate

Council tax brackets are allocated based on property value on 1 April 1991, for England and Scotland, and 1 April 2003, for Wales.

Owners can dispute a strip if they believe it is false by submitting an appeal to the Valuation Office Agency in England and Wales or through the Scottish Assessors in Scotland website.

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A series of terraced brick houses, with a tower in the distance.

The refund is only available for those in groups A through D. (Getty)

You will need to give a reason for your dispute and provide supporting evidence, including addresses of up to 5 similar properties in a lower council tax bracket than yours.

These properties must be on the same street, property or village as yours.

Owners can also use the price of their property or similar properties sold as evidence if the sales took place between April 1, 1989 and March 31, 1993 (England) and between April 1, 2001 and March 31, 2005 (Country of Wales).

Go to this link to challenge your group

What challenges are reviewed?

The VOA will review your group for the following reasons:

  • The property has changed, for example, it has been demolished, divided into several properties or merged into one.

  • The use of the property has changed, for example part of your property is now used for commercial purposes.

  • The local area has changed, for example a new supermarket has been built.

  • The VOA will also consider for other reasons whether there is enough evidence to explain why the owners think their group is wrong.

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