HEART OF GOLD TURNS 50! Native-style cover of a classic song that shines bright

Attawapiskat ON via Winnipeg MB – Canadian Classic Gold heart turns 50 this month! Released on Neil Young To harvest scrapbook on February 14, 1972the song has surely inspired countless musicians since it first hit the airwaves.

Jump forward 20 years since its release… In 1992, 16 years Adrian Sutherland in the remote northern community of Attawapiskat borrowed a harmonica from an elder, made a homemade harness using a coat hanger, two sticks and rubber bands, and taught himself to play Gold heart: “I grew up in a remote area and listened to a lot of music, especially since I started playing guitar. Neil Young was one of my biggest musical inspirations, and Gold heart is one of my favorite songs,” says Sutherland.

Jump another 27 years forward… In 2018, Adrian and his band Midnight Shard released a unique version of Gold heart:“We wanted to cover it, but in a different way to everyone else. So we gave it some “shine” on our own. Their timely take on the timeless classic honors the heart and soul of the original, while being markedly different. It features a heavy drum beat and slide guitar, and pays homage to Indigenous Sutherland culture with powwow chants and chants and a verse in Mushkegowuk Cree.

A year later… In 2019, a clip for Gold heart has been freed. Filmed in Attawapiskat, it features some of Adrian’s family and friends enjoying a “boat ride” – with a fun reveal at the end that you won’t see coming! Since its release, the clip has been viewed over 266.5,000 times on YouTube, while the song has been streamed over 133,000 times on Spotify.

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