GRAND HARVEST – First album, Consummatum Est, expected in March; ‘Fatehammer’ streaming now

Messor Grandis Productions has announced March 25 as the international release date for Grand Harvest’s debut album, Consummatum Est.

Consummatum Est contains nine tracks of versatile yet focused metal music. Moving freely between the boundaries of death metal, doom metal and black metal, the band focuses on portraying atmospheric and ethereal soundscapes that, along with the lyrics, will invoke deep emotions and thoughts in the mind of the band. ‘listener. Pay close attention to the esoteric aspects of the lyrics, which blend perfectly with the music and showcase the different vocal styles – and Luciferian/misanthropic mindset – of vocalist and lyricist Dr. Häll.

“Fatehammer” is the first single from Consummatum Est:

Grand Harvest aims to create a dark and gloomy death metal influenced by doom, with very clear links to the past but with an added heavy element and with darker subjects. It’s a real team effort, with all band members contributing to the songwriting.

Dark, misanthropic death/doom metal with hints of black metal and epic/atmospheric elements that together elevate the music to a versatile and transcendent level, without losing sight. A steady mix of old school primitiveness, ethereal dreamscapes and esoteric sermons.

The lyrics – derived from the thoughts and revelations of singer and lyricist Dr. Häll – reflect a deep resentment of the misery and tyranny congenital to sentient being in general, and humanity in particular. A Luciferian gnosis of death, expressed in the language of mystical eschatology, personal trials and a particular brand of misanthropic empathy, led to a certain lyrical main theme: the happy ending of all things. The spirit and philosophy behind the lyrics permeate the very essence of the music and the perfect vessel to complete the entity that is Grand Harvest – a means to an end, the definitive end.

Artwork and tracklist of Consummatum Est:

“Sol Maledictor”
“The Harrow”
“Not paler than a horse”
“As the Vultures Descend”
“Crowns to ashes – thrones to dust”
“My desolate sea”
“Hammer of Fate”
“In Memoriam – Magnus Invictus”
“East Consumption”

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