Garage Rock Band The Drain Outs To Release New Album At Free St. Pete Concert | Show previews | Tampa

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Blake Yeager c / o Gasparilla Music Festival

The drains photographed at the Gasparilla Music Festival 2021.

The Drain Outs (which you may have seen rocking the Gasparilla Music Festival in October) celebrate the release of a new album Love as you want– a treat for the surf and garage with sprinkled Dinosaur Jr.

“This record is a reflection of us finding our place, not only sonically, but as young men becoming adults in an ever-changing world,” said Blake Billington of Creative Loafing Tampa Bay. “Tackling the themes of turbulent relationships, societal compliance and the candy-coated craze becomes second nature when it is your reality.”

St. Pete’s Green Bench Brewing is hosting the Free Night with Glaze and House of I opening the Family Show. “We hope this collection of songs helps the listener immerse themselves in the hot tub that we call living,” Billington added. The album, which came together because COVID prevented the group from touring, certainly made my morning commutes easier, that’s for sure.

The Drain Outs w / Glaze / House of I. Friday, December 3, 8 p.m. Green Bench Brewing Co., St. Petersburg.

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