FORTUNE Announces New Studio Album “Level Ground,” New Single And Title Track Video

Cult Heroes of Melodic Rock/AOR Fortune are back with their third album titled “Flat terrain” Going through Frontiers Music Srl on April 8, 2022. The album’s first single and video, the title track, was released today. Watch the video below.

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After the well-received reception of their comeback album in 2019 “I”which broke a 34-year hiatus in album release, and the 2020 live release “The Gun Still Smokes”the band’s energy and creativity were boosted to create another melodic rock gem to add to their crown.

After being silent for decades, the first real Fortune the reunion took place in 2016 when the band performed at Rockingham Music Festival that same year, and then – thanks to the praise that followed this performance – in 2017 as well. These appearances eventually gave rise to discussions with the Borders label about a new studio album, which became the highly acclaimed “I” in 2019. The band traveled to Milan, Italy to perform at the Frontiers Rock Festival that year, whose performance was released in 2020 as “The Gun Still Smokes”. With boundless enthusiasm and creativity in the Fortune camp, the guys set to work on the music for their next studio album, “Level ground”. The last entry in the Fortune The discography continues the band’s fine tradition of delivering high quality melodic/AOR rock.

The seeds of Fortune were planted by brothers richard and Mick Fortune, from a family of professional musicians. Their mother was a singer and their father a singer and bassist. richard started playing guitar at the age of 16 and continued to play guitar and tour with miles of friends, Book Tand Spiritwhile Mike started out as an accordionist, keyboardist and trombonist before moving on to drums. The brothers made an album, “Fortune” for Warner Brothers in 1978, but by 1982 had totally revamped and restarted the group from scratch with a key new acquisition being the recruitment of Roger Scott Craig. A classically trained pianist from the age of 8, the Irish-born keyboardist was known for a successful stint with pop group Scouse Liverpool Express in the 70s. Larry ‘LA’ Greenealso from “Top Gun” fame of the soundtrack, on vocals and in the Detroit studio and Elton John bass player Bob Birch, Fortune eventually released their self-titled debut album in 1985 to warm reception, especially in Japan and Europe.

Camel/MCA Records (the same label that launched night ranger and Giuffria to fame) released the first album and which is still highly regarded today by fans of the genre. For many fans, it is indeed considered one of the best, if not THE best AOR album of all time. Although this is of course very open to debate, the reality is that FortuneThe album is one of those lost gems of yesteryear that has aged like fine wine over the years.

Work “Flat ground”

“Level Ground” Tracklist:

1. The silence of the heart
2. Judgment Day
3. Dangerous things
4. I will support you
5. Heartland Riot
6. Orphan in the Storm
7. I should have known you would be a problem
8. Hand in hand
9. Flat ground
10. Madness of Love


  • Richard Fortune / Lead guitar, vocals, additional keys
  • Larry Green / Lead vocals, guitar
  • Mick Fortune / Drums
  • Rat Ricky / Bass, vocals
  • Bob Emmet / keyboards*

*With the exception of “I will support you” with Steve Porcaro – Piano & all keyboards

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