Former ASTAROTH INCARNATE Leader Returns With Solo Cover Of GHOSTMANE’s “Fed Up” (Video)

Sam Astaroth, the Toronto frontman of Astaroth Incarnate, posted a message in October 2021 announcing that the band had then called it quits. He has since made the decision to launch out as a solo artist. Below is Sam’s cover of Gostemane’s “Fed Up” featuring guitarist Cody Johnstone.

Here is Sam’s message announcing the end of Astaroth Incarnate:

“RIP Astaroth Incarnate 2013-2021

Thanks, spawns, for the years of support.

Due to creative differences, the band members split up and focused on their individual projects.

From our humble beginnings in 2013 with vocalist Sam Astaroth and first drummer Jake Theo and guitarist Pablo Sagastume (Netherheart) and his cousin Louis auditioning at Belphegor’s Stigma Diabolicum to come to this, there have only been good memories to reflect on.

Our bassist Sergio (Where The Light Fades) joined the band afterwards to find our first live drummer Marina, the urge to play shows, the exhilarating rush of connecting with our fans on and off stage, the feeling couldn’t be compared to anything else.

Our drummer Emile Giordan (Working Girl) originally joined as second guitarist and played a gig before moving into permanent drumming duties. Our former guitarist Ric Galvez (Malice Divine) being part of our debut EP Omnipotence and contributing solos to our second EP, many epic Extreme Metal gigs have taken place. Once Ashley Williams (Autumnal Reflection) joined as keyboardist the band took a symphonic extreme metal direction and with the help of Spencer Creaghan’s orchestration we released our second EP Ascendance and our concerts took another leap forward with blood witches and surreal theatrical metaphors.

During the covid lockdown being away from shows we mostly spent time writing and recording new music ideas and when we put all our ideas together and assessed how we want to represent ourselves and move forward in our music careers we felt as if we had all grown differently, so it was best to go our separate ways.

As a visionary member of this group; I, Astaroth, couldn’t have asked for a better experience over the past 8 years as this is the first band I’ve been in that I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow up in from inception to recreating my character as Astaroth (from my pro-gaming days as t3h_mAstArOth since I was 16) and seeing my artistic career blossom through this band.

I want everyone to check out all of the individual projects from the other band members I’ve tagged, and if you like what you hear, show them some support because they’re all great musicians and I’m so grateful to have been able to spend quality time jamming, hanging out, playing shows and creating memorable experiences with such great people.

I also want to thank our producers Alex Oprea and Tyler Williams for handling our 2 EPs with such professionalism, all the promoters such as Dina, Gualberto (rip), Tristan, Jess, Kelly, Cristina, Craig, Max, Gillian, Shawn , JJ, Daniel, Aaron, Karina, Noel, etc. who supported us with all the shows we played, all the venues we played, our previous label CDN Records, Train Records for printing our CDs, Chase from Threads of Society for all the merch we printed by you , our artists Dee Gozali (rip) and Marie Cherniy for our album covers, our PR companies Kim & Jason and Curtis who helped release our albums, Reka, Mike, Joe and Alan for all our music videos , Jordy, Jerome and Andrew for all the band themed photos, all the blood witches who have played with me on stage, Timothy, Gaia and Alina for singing with me on stage and all the amazing sick metal musicians and bands with which we shared the stage. Thank you for your support, you all rule!

Most importantly, I can’t end this post without showing my utmost gratitude to all of you Spawns for believing in Astaroth Incarnate and making my first party experience memorable for a lifetime! I had a great time getting to know you, meeting you at concerts, talking to you online and in person, truly connecting with you, and really enjoying your positive energy towards this band. I am a fan of yours ! never stop being awesome yourself!

It’s a new beginning for me and beyond the musical projects in which I am currently involved or in which I contributed my voice (Iomair, Haven Dream, My Frost, In Veil). I feel like I’m about to embark on a very personal adventure and fully discover myself in a newly invigorated dark demonic light. I would love for you to be a part of this exciting new stage in my music career, so come follow my activities as I will be able to connect with you more closely than ever. Astaroth’s artistic journey will continue as a solo project under my artist name Sam Astaroth.

It was a wild ride and none of this would have been possible without your love and support. Thank you very much, spawn!

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