Exclusive album stream: Abraham paints a heavy and unforgiving landscape on Debris of Lost Worlds

To listen Abraham‘s, it makes sense that they are Swiss. While their particular brand of emotional hammered mud is often associated with the covered areas along the American coasts, the band bring an unfettered artistic scope to their sound that feels at home in Europe. That said, there’s never a sense of preciousness or artificial presentation here, which seems appropriate for a country like Switzerland, which doesn’t have the same extreme music marketing machine as, say, the UK. United or Germany. Of course, listening to their music, one can’t help but think that this band needed their exact environment to mold them into who they are. Any other circumstances, and it wouldn’t be Abraham.

On their new album Debris of lost worlds, Abraham locks in a beautiful pairing of awkward pain and big-screen reach. The songs never sound like they’re trying to transcend their moaning riffs and driving beats, and yet the music strikes a particularly subversive nerve that takes its kinetic approach somewhere above your average slugfest. “Blood Moon, New Alliance” is particularly effective, with a sense of both poetry and predatory clinicism at every turn. The result is an album that sounds like the windy sight of death appearing in front of someone still holding their gushing wound.

According to the group:

“We used a text that comes from several hundred years in the future as a conceptual centerpiece. It is less a story than a kind of song expressing fears, fears, struggles and lamentations. It’s very oral, primitive and pagan, evil and weird. It can be said that the darkness darkened the minds after falling on the world.

Check out our exclusive Abraham stream Debris of lost worlds below:

of Abraham Debris of lost worlds is out Friday, February 18 via Pelagic Records, and is available for pre-order.

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