Exciting times for local group Quorum as they set their sights on the big moment


Quorum, the indie-pop group from Okehampton, are back in business with their new EP The Death of Intellectual Success. Liam met up with Jake, a member of the group, to talk about Quorum and his plans for the future.

Okehampton’s four boys, Jordan Hookway, Noah Groves and Jake and Mack Hodgson, have been part of the group’s lineup for two years. They go back a little further than that though, as they’ve known each other since they were five years old. “We’ve known each other for so long, it was only a matter of time before we started playing music together,” guitarist Jake said. Jake and drummer Mack are brothers and grew up in a very musical family. “Me and Mack have always been raised around different styles and varieties of music. We started listening to things like pop punk and thanks to the varied influence of our parents there was a lot of rock and metal that I remember listening to on the cassette player in the car. ‘ Boys naturally progressed to making their own musical discoveries as they got older and began attending live music events on their own or with friends whenever they could.

Although he takes inspiration from a variety of different artists and sources, Jake cites Guns N ‘Roses and Green Day (directed by Slash and Billie Joe Armstrong respectively) as two of his biggest inspirations. After seeing Green Day in concert at Wembley in 2009, among a crowd of 120,000 people, Jake was mesmerized and inspired by the electrically charged atmosphere created by the band. He knew from that moment that he wanted to live music and imbue the audience with the same feelings and sensations he felt, with his best friends.

Quorum has sometimes been compared to The 1975, particularly when it was first shown by BBC Introducing in February 2020. While they certainly see this comparison as a compliment, they actively stress the importance of individual identity and believe that even if you can still aspire to imitate others. success, it’s important not to sound like other artists on the radio.

Music is important to boys for many reasons; mainly because of the deep emotional impact it gives. Personal experiences from all walks of life are the primary source of inspiration for their lyrics – be it relationships, jobs, education, or breakups; relatability plays a huge role in captivating audiences. In addition, the group’s creative process is very thorough and fundamentally collaborative; they pool their ideas and bounce off each other, often going through a number of tests and trials before carving their finished words. Over the past year, the group has worked with James Fitch, another musician and videographer. James and Jordan have worked closely together, operating with James’ guidance as they envision a wide range of ideas that serve as inspiration for creating and directing music videos.

The boys refused to be discouraged by the hardship that lockdowns (induced by the coronavirus pandemic of the past 18 months) were inflicting on everyone; although initially unsure of how to proceed, they quickly took the opportunity to move forward with the writing and creation processes (remotely) and consequently thrived, producing their new EP The Death of Intellectual Success, which is linked to their 2019 EP Art is Dead. The title song serves as a polemic against celebrities who are granted a certain level of fame somewhat for free, for no other reason than their presence or follow-up on social media platforms (known to facilitate duplicity and subterfuge) or casting. on a controversial topic and (arguably) degrading reality TV show, then revered as role models by young children – a growing issue and one that lead singer Jordan says leaves society in a dangerous place. However, the group vehemently encourages personal interpretation of the titles and lyrics of their songs and loves to see how the perceptions of their fans and listeners differ.

Now that the restrictions have been lifted, the group is in full swing. Performing at the Chagstock Festival in July and having toured in September with sold-out dates alongside other For The Girl and Namsake groups in places such as Exeter, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle, the group’s performances were very good. omen. “To train again and play again is great, it’s so much more motivating than working behind a computer screen all the time. The energy when we are all together is unlike anything else. We want to go as far as possible, ”said Jake.

Outside of music, Mack and Jordan are co-owners of Idle, their own bespoke hair and grooming salon based at 3 West Street, Okehampton.

The band are planning another tour in March of next year as they can’t wait to hit the road again. In the meantime, their upcoming performances include a date at the Poole Lighthouse, to be confirmed, as well as an opening act for The Snuts at Exeter Phoenix on November 2, for which tickets are already sold out. It’s a group on the rise, watch this space!

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