In the category of personal loans, there are multiple credit formulas intended to help individuals carry out their projects. Energy credit is one of them.

Renovation and interior design projects often fall under the category of work loans. If you plan to change the decoration and / or customize your house, this formula is made for you.

The big news for this kind of offer is that in Belgium you can also benefit from an energy credit. A financial solution that helps lower energy costs.

Get a green loan, an energy credit in Belgium and Luxembourg

Get a green loan, an energy credit in Belgium and Luxembourg

The procedure for obtaining loans in Belgium remains the same. To take advantage of Across Lender’s offers, the first condition is to be domiciled in Belgium or Luxembourg.

The energy credit concerns households wishing to renovate their homes. In particular, renovations concerning energy installations. Green credit, known in Europe, is strongly encouraged by the government.

Indeed, this kind of initiative enters into the general policies of the State, to preserve the ecosystem by replacing all these energy installations by more ecological and less energy-consuming materials.

The household thus adopts an ecological behavior and slows down its energy expenditure. A fact which justifies the fall in the rates allocated to green credit. However, each bank offers a different rate depending on their offers.

The energy loan therefore has many advantages since it falls into the category of personal loans or work loans. In this case, the borrower can define the amount of his monthly payments and choose the repayment deadline. The capital obtained will help carry out the necessary work.

In terms of amount, an energy credit can amount to more than $ 200,000 depending on the financial situation of the debtor. This will result in a period of 3 to 120 months to repay the entire loan.

For more details, it is preferable to contact our Across Lender agents directly or to do an online simulation.

Conditions and documents to provide

Conditions and documents to provide

To benefit from a green credit, you must have a solid financial situation, which will allow you to repay your loan without great difficulty. The more stable your situation, the greater the chances of obtaining a large sum. You must then complete your file with the following documents:

  • Copy of identity card and personal information
  • Residence certificate to justify your domicile (in Belgium or Luxembourg)
  • Copies of pay slips for the last three months
  • Details and information relating to your banking situation

The list of documents may change depending on the bank. Some may be more demanding than others. For more information, contact us directly via our contact form or by phone. In this way, you will be fixed on the procedures to follow to benefit from a green credit as soon as possible.

As earmarked credit, the capital must be mainly dedicated to work related to energy saving. All the details as well as the procedure to be followed will, of course, be mentioned in the contract.

What is an energy credit?

What is an energy credit?

Aside from allowing households to save on their energy costs, this loan is mainly intended for the purchase of machinery and materials or for carrying out certain works. Purchases will simply make the house more economical and greener. An energy credit is therefore granted for:

  • Roof renovations to curb energy loss
  • The installation of solar panels or photovoltaic panels (solar energy).
  • Water heaters
  • Low energy devices
  • Etc.

Individuals who wish to renovate or undertake work related to their energy concerns can always apply for another type of credit.

Indeed, it is not only the energy credit that can help you finance your work. There is also the renovation credit and especially the mortgage credit. The difference with these two types of loans is that they have higher rates especially the home improvement credit.

However, green credit remains, without a doubt, the most suitable financial solution due to the low rate allocated to this loan. In addition, capital can also be used for other projects. Many people use 25% of their funds for other repair work.

Our Across Lender online simulator allows you to find the best energy credit formula possible. You just need to choose the formula that meets your expectations. Applying for a green loan online is feasible and easy to do at your financial institution’s site.

Credit comparison procedures are recommended to ensure a better choice of formula.

Get the best rate by simulating your online credit at Across Lender.

You can also simulate a personal loan in Belgium.

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