Death metal band OMICRON aren’t too excited about new COVID variant

Omicron, the Belgian death metal band, is not exactly thrilled with Omicron, the new variant of COVID. The band recently spoke to Vice about the new name variation, saying they did it first and are not changing their band name at all. They also explained that their name deals with aliens and outer space.

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“Our guitarist Philippe has an unhealthy obsession with aliens and all the interstellar darkness that goes with them. He came up with our name because he was inspired by the Dyson sphere that had been found in the constellation Omicron Cygni. has never been probed, as far as he knows. ”

Omicron, the group, are also hoping the situation may help them gain more fans.

“We were a little worried that our name had a negative connotation. But we also thought it could give us the visibility that bands so badly need. [starting out] in a world crowded with musicians trying to leave their mark on the industry. ”

To verify Omicronbelow and you can follow them on Facebook. As for Omicron, the COVID variant, follow it via the World Health Organization.

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