David Cronenberg Horror Crimes of the Future Red-Band Trailer

A woman in a red evening dress, a man in a black cape, and a woman in a silver shirt and pants are seated together.

Picture: Neon

Your Friday just got a whole lot more gruesome, for the red trailer of David Cronenbergis highly anticipated back to full body horror arrived. Here is a new preview of Future Crimes to rock your stomach (and other internal organs) with cinematic glee.

Just as bizarre as what appears in this trailer is what you will listen in this trailer: “It’s a brand new organ, never seen before!” “The world is a much more dangerous place now that the pain is all but gone.” “Surgery is the new sex!” “Let’s not be afraid to map the chaos within…let’s create a map that will guide us through the heart of darkness!”

And it’s your reminder that no one makes “gaping slits in the body” like Cronenberg, who warped many minds with Videodrome at the time and seems to add a new evolution to this very particular signature here. Along with this new trailer, we also have a fuller synopsis of Future Crimes, which is perhaps the first time we see the expression “the metamorphosis of its organs in avant-garde performances” used in the English language: “As the human species adapts to an environment synthetic, the body undergoes new transformations and mutations. With his companion Caprice (Léa Seydoux), Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), a famous performance artist, publicly stages the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart), an investigator for the National Organ Registry, obsessively follows their movements, which is when a mysterious group comes to light… Their mission: to use Saul’s notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.

Needless to say, the story feels completely original, the new trailer footage is horribly amazing, and we can’t wait to see the full movie. Future Crimes will premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off on May 17, before hitting theaters on June 3.

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