Chloe Trujillo to release single with Australian band Bellusira’s Mark Dalbeth


Chloe Trujillo, wife of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, teamed up with Mark Dalbeth of Australian rock band Bellusira for a track called “Mana”.

The single, due for release on November 15, came after the couple met in early 2021 when they were both invited to be part of the Global Green Charity event held at the Troubadour in LA. .

After the meeting, the music gods aligned and Trujillo and Dalbeth decided to collaborate on the track “Lightning Strikes Twice”.

Now, after the positive reception of their first single, the duo have reunited again under the Chloe Trujillo & Rav Medic banner to bring you their latest collaborative effort.

Before talking to Heavy Regarding “Lightning Strikes Twice,” Trujillo said of the couple’s first track, “It’s heavy.”

“It’s kind of a heavy song, I would say, which is great. That’s what I told Marc. I guess all I mostly listen to is metal and there are always those influences in my writing, but somehow I mix a lot of different things in my own songs, but this is more of a heavy song.

“Based on guitar, drums and vocals and I think there’s a bit of keyboard in there. It’s kind of like a heavy, groovy song.

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It looks like musical talent seems to run in the family, with Chloe and Rob’s 17-year-old son Tye Trujillo already making a name for himself after performing with Korn, Suicidal Tendencies, as well as two projects under the banners. Suspect208 then Blu Weekend.

In an interview with The Blairing Out show with Eric Blair, Trujillo explained how the sound of Blu Weekend would be different from that of Suspect208, saying, “I guess we have more of a punk vibe.”

You can read more about this topic on the Metal Observer.

Check out Chloe Trujillo and Rav Medic below:

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