BTS group takes time off from work, find out the whole story

The Bts group has been causing a sensation for 2 years. Members of BTS are constantly busy releasing their song. BTS BAND fans are countless not only in Korea but also in India. BTS members worked tirelessly to move their locked out group forward. In such a situation, going on vacation would not be insolent at all.

BTS Big Hit agency released a statement on December 6 informing that BTS BAND’s last concert was in Los Angeles, now the band member has taken a break from work. According to media reports, he said in his statement that BTS is engaged in constant work to connect with fans between the Covid period in 2020 and 2021 and to strengthen themselves as a global artist. It is a moment of relaxation so that we can rework with new energy. I will spend the first time since 2019 on vacation. Members of The Gupra will be spending time with their families. We are sure our friends and family will be delighted.

The first event in Seoul after the epidemic: In addition, the statement said the band will also be working on the preparation of their new album, which is about to launch a new chapter. This will be his first event since the outbreak of the epidemic in Seoul. These concerts are scheduled to take place in March.

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