BTS ARMY member asks for Jimin’s help, RM group leader responds to fan


Leading the international K pop group, BTS not only entertains the ARMY on stage, but also when they’re not performing. Known for being social butterflies, the South Korean boy band often interacts with their fans on social media platforms. These responses, while heartwarming and heartfelt, often have a humorous and teasing undertone that wreaks havoc on the fandom as fans admire the group’s ability to comfortably interact with their fans.

From light conversation to teasing from fellow members, the group interacted with ARMY on a variety of topics. Recently, a particular interaction caught the fandom’s attention as an ARMY enlisted the help of Park Jimin, BTS’s main dance. However, he was not the one who responded to fan demand. Read on to find out more.

BTS frontman RM responds to fan

The interaction took place on the WeVerse where the group frequently replies to the fan’s post. A fan posted a message asking for Jimin’s help because his family felt the BTS member was her boyfriend. Speaking of the same, she wrote: ‘Jiminah, I don’t have a boyfriend. But my family knows that you are my boyfriend. What should I do? kkk ” The fan originally mistakenly wrote ‘girlfriend’ instead of ‘boyfriend’.

Responding to the same, band frontman Rap Monster simply commented “Wow” to him. The interaction caught the fandom’s attention as they enjoyed RM’s cryptic response to the fan’s request to Jimin.

In other news, the youngest member of the group made headlines after covering British singer Harry Styles’ hit single Fall October 28. The performance quickly went viral as netizens complimented the singer as a fan wrote: “It was absolutely beautiful. Her lower register is so calming and the upper notes were perfect. Her English pronunciation was soooo much. good. I liked it. ”

RM becomes the first member to cross 600 million streams

Marking another great achievement for the group, frontman RM racked up over 600 million streams on Spotify and became the first BTS member to reach that mark through solo releases alone. Fans also rejoiced at the achievement as one fan wrote: “RM has surpassed 600 million streams on Spotify, including his solo songs and all his collaborations. Thank you for giving us such masterpieces. CONGRATULATIONS RM You really deserve all the love, all the respect in this universe. We are so proud of you # Spotify600MRM ”

(Image: Twitter / @ BTS_twt)

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