Britpop Catch’s Toby Slater Has Passed Away

Toby Slater, frontman of 1990s Britpop band Catch, has died aged 42, confirmed Music ally.

While the cause of his death has yet to be officially confirmed, tributes have started to be shared online.

“I can’t believe I’m writing this,” wrote Paul Brindley, CEO of Music Ally. “Toby was without a doubt one of the smartest people I have ever met. Always wise beyond his years, I remember our first meeting when he came to interview me and I ended up interviewing him because he seemed to know a lot more than I did.

He continued, “Of course he had already had a taste for fame with Catch when he was only 17. Besides being intelligent, he was also a very talented songwriter and musician, in particular. on keyboards and had a really sweet voice that always reminded me of Jeff Buckley.

“In the end, Steve and I fully integrated it as a co-owner. He has contributed immensely to the development of the training side of our business and I have always been very impressed with his way with clients.

“But when we had our first office in Goswell Road, it didn’t start well. I’ll never forget how he ended up lying on the floor feeling sick his first day at the office, an early sign that he really wasn’t cut out for office life!

Brindley went on to describe Slater as “more naturally suited to organizing and promoting events”.

“I can’t believe I will never be able to see him again,” he added. “Toby stood out from the crowd, he was versatile, intelligent, so polite, a lovely person and very endearing and I’m so sad that he was taken from us too soon. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. . “

With Catch, Slater released two singles in the UK and an album in Indonesia. “Bingo” reached number 23 in the UK Singles Chart, while “Dive In” reached number 44. He also recorded and released music as a solo artist, including the single “Consumption” from 2002, which was mixed by English producer and engineer Mark ‘Stent of Spike.

After ‘Consumption’, Slater released music with the band Kunta Kinte, which was later rebranded as Tough Love. He was a co-owner of Music Ally during the early years of the business, but focused on organizing and promoting events including Kinky Salon London, the UK chapter of a ‘sexy arty party’ in character. sex and The Summer House Weekend, which has become an annual paid event.

Musician Luke Haines tweeted: “I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of Toby Slater. I got to know Toby in the late 90s and early 2000s. He was burned to stardom early on. Toby was unique, a real anomaly. I like the strange and Toby was strange. I hadn’t seen him for 20 years, but I was struck by his death too young. RIP man.

See more tributes below.

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