BeauSoleil’s Cajun Music Comes to an End, Listen to the Award-Winning Band on November 5 in Tassel | State and regional news


In an article published on the Masters of Traditional Arts website, the band leader said of the music he performs: “Cajun music is shrouded in emotion. Maybe some of the emotions, the more modern ones, are not covered enough by the old songs. “

To expand the genre, BeauSoleil sought to create new songs.

“So that’s what we’re trying to do through our new compositions,” said Doucet. “In many ways, we are the same individuals as our ancestors 300 years ago, but the times around us have changed. If the music captures where we are now, that only adds to the preservation of Cajun music. “

In 2005, BeauSoleil’s album “Gitane Cajun”, released on Vanguard Records, earned the group their 10th Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Folk Album. That same year, the National Endowment for the Arts recognized Doucet as one of 12 artists who received a national heritage grant. The group has appeared regularly on Garrison Keillor’s radio show, “A Prairie Home Companion”.

One style that helps define BeauSoleil is zydeco, a type of music usually played in a rhythmic and syncopated fashion with a strong rhythmic core. The style often incorporates elements of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, soul music, R&B, Afro-Caribbean, Cajun, and early Creole music.

Centered around the accordion, which leads the rest of the band, the zydeco typically features a specialized washboard, called a vest scrubber, as an important percussion instrument.

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