Beach Riot: Subatomic Party Cool

Beach Riot: Subatomic Party Cool



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Beach Riot’s full-length debut album is a heady mix of ’90s grunge and alternative rock from a booming band.

The album was released earlier this year, but, with the band finally on the road to support it, now is a good time to check out Beach Riot’s Subatomic Party Cool.

The band first hit our radar in February 2019 with their eponymous EP, crunching with Mudhoney-level fuzz and QOTSA groove, with an extra dose of Britpop in the mix. It was four tracks that showed what the band is capable of and, on their first full album, they continued to build on it. The album starts off with BAD and immediately plunges into the density and dynamism of Songs For The Deaf which envelops your ears. The vocals don’t attack like their peers and influences would, but instead blend into a layer of shine, doubled up to add even more to the effect. It’s the play between singers Rory and Cami that sets them apart from other bands in the same vein, a floating crystalline that adds sparkle to their hard rock mix, reminiscent of British alt-rockers at the turn of the millennium like JJ72 and Mon Vitriol.

When they drop the album’s beating pulse to something a little different, like on Good To Know (That I’m Still On Your Mind), they show that they really are capable of producing something special. Guitar riffs soar as vocals cascade over a rarity as the rhythm section keeps it tight and moving forward. It was a highlight of their previous EP and it served them well to put it on the album too. The modern dinosaur, which follows, mixes the two ideas in a schizophrenic riot.

The recent single Wraith doubles as layers of chaos, the repeated lyrics of the mesmerizing chorus before signing the first side with Unrequited Love, a song whispers whisper somewhere around Nirvana’s Marigold. Flip and flip the B-side rockets straight from the traps with Medicine For Success, returning firmly to Queens territory. This is certainly where the band finds their comfort zone and where songs like Faze and She’s A Hurricane are played well, the latter undoubtedly causing riots in pits up and down the country right now.

On Subatomic Party Cool, Beach Riot wrote an album that shows they potentially have a bright future ahead of them.

Beach Riot is on tour right now. Their remaining dates are:
09 Dec. Birmingham game, The Rainbow Venues
Dec 11, 2019 Sam Guildford, The boiler room
December 14 Mar Norwich, Voodoo Daddy’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Pizza Joint and Showroom
Dec 15 Wed London, The Lexington
Dec 16 Brighton game, Prince Albert

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