BAKERS EDDY // Releases fan favorite “Sober” ahead of debut album

Eddy Bakers fans rejoice! The New Zealand quartet is finally out Sober-the band’s new single and the longtime unofficial anthem of their loyal fanbase.

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Steeped in Bakers Eddy’s signature energy and rich with joyful chaos, the latest offering from the band’s debut album Love Boredom Bikes (released March 25, 2022) promises to be as anthemic as the band’s previous singles. With its relentless rhythm, racing chords and youthful vigour, Sober is brimming with irresistible energy and nostalgia and is one that never fails to get the party started, live!

Sober is an ode to the fantastic disarray of youth. With lyrics like “And I’m just terrified, I can’t remember what I’m trying to find, where will I be when I’m 25?” and “And I Can’t Tell If It’s Just Me or Someone I’d Rather Be”, Bakers Eddy explores the tension between the terror of self-discovery and resounding hope in their signature humorous tone.

Ahead of the release, the band took to social media to encourage their fans to join them for a week of sobriety, and even went so far as to drop Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beer to lucky fans – watch all go down HERE!

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Sober is another taste of the band’s upcoming debut album Love Boredom Bikes. Produced by Holy Holyby Oscar Dawson, Bakers Eddy captures the exuberant spirit of youth, with good times running through its veins. Everything sounds effortless for vocalist Ciarann ​​Babbington and his bandmates: twin brothers, guitarist Alex and bassist Ian Spagnolo, and drummer Jamie Gordon. Living together in a shared house in Melbourne, Bakers Eddy’s music is brimming with youthful energy, swagger, loads of hooks and an irresistibly charming sense of humour.

It was about creating an environment where energy and spirit are high. “Even when we were recording guitar and bass,” Alex explains, “we were all standing and bouncing and shitting like that, not just sitting there trying to do everything to make everything perfect.” For the group, it was above all a question of atmosphere. “We made it a point to make it sound more like the demos, because when the demos were recorded at home, we often partied,” says Ciarann. “It’s like, let’s be loud and have fun.

Pre-order here.

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