Anne Hathaway shocks Kelly Clarkson with ‘Since U Been Gone’ cover

Disappointed from start to finish.

Anne Hathaway is currently promoting her new Apple TV series, We crashed. The series traces the rise and fall of lovers at the center of workspace design company WeWork.

Naturally, that means doing the rounds of television day and night and so Hathaway was a guest of musician Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show. During a regular segment on the show titled “Sing That Name That Tune”, Hathaway and Clarkson faced off with microphones in hand.

To win, Clarkson or his guest must guess the song the group is playing and sing it before the other. Yesterday Clarkson jokingly asked the band to play something she knew, after Hathaway won the first three rounds. So they began the opening bars of Clarkson’s breakup classic “Since U Been Gone.”

Although the song was Clarkson’s, however, Anne Hathaway triumphed, first impressively intoning the iconic chorus. A laughing Clarkson conceded defeat to her own song, lying face down on the podium. “How did you know from that?!” Clarkson yelled at Hathaway when the music stopped.

“Kelly Clarkson, if you don’t understand how much we all love this song,” said Anne Hathaway, graciously accepting her win. “Everyone here knew about the first one. Everyone here knew it!… I love this song.

Clarkson couldn’t stop laughing. “Should I just stop? Oh my God,” she said. “That’s embarrassing. Anyway, I’m so happy for you. Jesus take the wheel.”

The whole thing is daytime TV mayhem from start to finish. Some were impressed that Anne Hathaway could sing – but let’s not forget how she sang QUEEN’s “Somebody To Love” to a group of giants in Ella, enchanted. Or, you know, that Oscar she won for playing Fontine in Wretched. The girl has pipes.

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