Album Review: Vio-Lence – Let The World Burn

Album Review: Vio-Lence - Let the World Burn

Thrash metal at its best

California group Vio-Lence was formed in 1985, where they became well known for their wild thrash metal music. The band released three albums before breaking up in 1993, but in 2019 the band reunited and started performing live, which influenced them to record their EP. let the world burn. Overall, the album is fantastic as Sean Killian’s vocal performance dominates each track with great authority, and guitarists Phil Demmel and Bobby Gustafson, along with bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, deliver soul-shaking riffs. soul. Plus, Perry Strickland’s drums fill the air with thunderous drumbeats. let the world burn proves how Vio-Lence still knows how to make quality thrash metal music.

The opening track “Flesh from Bone” shows how powerful Killian is as a singer. While listening, Killian’s voice keeps things together as he shouts the lyrics with pure rage, and the feeling of uneasy intensity can be felt. Killian does a good job of staying in tune with the rest of the band, because the faster the band plays, the louder Killian can sing. “Flesh from Bone” begins with a solid singing style from Killian.

Total headbanger “Screaming Always” has stunning guitar playing from Demmel and Gustafson. Right off the bat, rising guitar notes can be heard through the speakers, and the eternal energy of the two guitarists can be felt through every note. The noises coming from the guitars show how Demmel and Gustafson are talented musicians who can create their madness through just right riffs. “Screaming Always” is a vein-bending shock that has Demmel and Gustafson playing their guitars their hearts out.

The somber “Upon Their Cross” is an insane composition that has a non-stop madness due to Strickland’s drumming. Throughout the song, Strickland plays killer drum beats that contribute to the non-stop craziness. The most enjoyable part is hearing how fast Strickland can hit the drumheads as the clashing sounds can dazzle the minds of those listening. “Upon Their Cross” is a wild ride in which Strickland creates his darkness through his solid drumming.

“Gato Negro” has bass guitar riffs that bleed Olde Wolbers ears. This tune is deep because of the lyrics, but what really shines in the dark is Olde Wolbers bass guitar playing. Through the insane music, deep bass riffs rumble relentlessly in the background, and the vibes radiate as the music continues to wreak havoc on people’s minds. It’s nice to hear how well Olde Wolbers are able to play riffs that fit the musical structure the rest of the band plays to. Olde Wolbers is a gifted bass player, and on “Gato Negro” he shows how capable he is of playing sweet guitar riffs.

The title track and closing track “Let The World Burn” end things on a high note, and the lyrics are well written. “Eruption of screams/Mad laughter/Dreams scorched/by acid rain/Flesh abortions/Cover the ground/Come bear witness to your suffering” outlines how the band wants the negativity of this world to suffer and fade away. Throughout this track, it seems like the band wants negative people to disappear for destroying the lives of innocent people. “Let The World Burn” is a song whose lyrics are filled with strong emotions that can help express the feelings people have towards the negativity and evil around them.

Violence has its feet on the accelerator with let the world burn. The vocals and instrumentation show how thrash metal can thrive in today’s music scene.


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