Album Review: Pillow Queens – Leave the Light On

Album Review: Pillow Queens - Leave the Light On

An outcome of the necessary catharsis

Hailing from Dublin, indie-rock band Pillow Queens have released their second album Leave the light on on April 1, 2022. This album roars with pure purgation, instant gratification of liberation held back by words and feelings. Leave the light on brings rumination with various takes. It gives the warm assurance of always bathing a streak of light in the darkness, and comparisons to the warm glow of streetlights coming down the freeway. This album declaring commitments, promises and long-awaited gratification, delivers with a fast and energetic seriousness, making this album an incredibly honest and liberating listen.

Beginning with “Be By Your Side”, this song opens with rhythmic drums and sizzling electric guitar riffs. This opener ignites the flame of this album as Pamela Connolly (vocalist, guitarist as well as one of the band’s founding members), takes the listener through every nook, edge and possibility with a tranquil insight into how life works. daily. Hiding the most precious thoughts and feelings, it creates an almost out-of-body external revelation as a person allows themselves to step out of self-induced restraints.

wedding bandbegins with a strong retrospective sound that immediately begins to give a strong feeling of weightlessness. This searing anthem puts the simple line “I want the world to give up on this bend, I want to serve the sun” as a take on putting one’s own happiness, hopes, wishes and desires first without the involvement of selfishness. , ending with the line “Tighter than a wedding ring.”

The next song “Hearts & Minds” is a standout track because it focuses on the struggles of being in a certain light or situation where puppet strings are involved, where there is a noticeable imbalance. A shining moment of this song is the lyric “You came to worship, but the godless kind, I ain’t about to move, I’m atrophied.” This track packs a real indie sound with a 90s exterior.

Well Kept Wife” is another track worth highlighting, as this song plays in a quaint version of idealism. With some tenacity towards this image, it delivers a woman clutching tightly in both hands a version of this which is meant to be a framed picture, but grapples with a more realistic version. At certain points, as the song draws to a close, the lyrics seem to capture a statement “Tell me the house got dirty, Tell me the house got dirty, Tell me the house got dirty, Tell me the house got dirty. me that the heat has escaped, Tell me dinner ain’t ready, I know the bed ain’t made” while backed by a funky soulful guitar track showcasing gravity and meaning of the song.

The ending track “Try Try Try” is majestic in its simplicity. This song doesn’t have, and doesn’t need, the same construction as the other tracks. Instead, it’s a slow descent, a conclusion to a climatic, explosive reaction expressed through every track. This song settles on reflection and a firm commitment to the journey of contentment.

Leave the light on is an album that can be described as fierce, daredevil and liberating. Pillow Queens manages to give the listener all the euphoric feelings of expressed romanticism; a shaking fist at the oppression of femininity, while expressing caution, tenderness and surrealism. This album offers a powerful and impressive listening experience.


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