A Wilhelm Scream releases his new album “Lose Your Delusions”

NEW BEDFORD — Reboots, covers and adaptations have been a trend in the music industry over the past two years with artists such as Santana, Korean rapper PSY and Adele making a comeback.

After nine years, A shout from Wilhelm also joined the ranks with the release of a new album “Lose Your Delusion”, available on all streaming platforms.

“We always planned to do a new album,” said drummer Nicholas Pasquale Angelini, who has been with the band since 1997. “Then life got in the way on many levels.”

Angelini attributed two years of that delay to the COVID pandemic. Also, their bassist Brian J. Robinson, who lives in Canada, was unable to return to the United States to record.

“I think it could have been a blessing to have some extra time. I was able to really work on my games and I think that made for a better record,” Angelini said.

A Wilhelm Scream's album cover

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A Wilhelm Scream (also known as AWS) is a melodic hardcore band founded in 2003 in New Bedford. The name refers to an iconic movie sound effect scream which is commonly used when a character falls from a great height, is thrown by an explosion, or sometimes knocked down.

Recording with new technology

AWS guitarist and vocalist Trevor Reilly has taken advantage of the downtime during the pandemic to finish building his new recording studio, Anchor End. The new album was the first project recorded in the studio.

Angelini said he felt different recording the album nearly nine years later, especially using advances in technology to their advantage. “They kicked and screamed me into the modern way of writing and recording,” Angelini admitted. “I’m really glad they did, because it was really helpful in the writing process.”

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Nicholas Pasquale Angelini is the drummer for A Wilhelm Scream.

He said he could now write his drum beats with the programming kit, then pop them into the computer and see how they sounded with the demos. “Sometimes you can play a beat and think it’s great, then when you hear it recorded, it’s not as cool as you thought,” he said.

AWS released single “Be One To No One” on January 6, then surprised fans three days later by announcing that their fifth studio album would be released on April 14.

FLOOD Magazine describes the album as “a collection of songs that neither opt for uplifting anthems in a particularly dark moment nor darker tunes to further lower our mood. Instead, they opt for both uplifting anthems and dark tunes.”

Music based on New Bedford

Angelini and vocalist Nuno Pereira both live in New Bedford when not touring with the band. The new album, mostly based on experiences in the whaling town, includes “Acushnet Avenue at Night” and “Downtown Start II”, a follow-up to a song Pereira’s father wrote about New Bedford when he was in the band The Lads for 40 years. from.

Angelini has seen firsthand how the city center has transformed over the past few years. “I think it’s really great. Downtown has become such an amazing place,” he said.

“We had friends we met on tour, and they all seem to be falling in love with our little coastal town.”

Angelini said one of his favorite things to do was bring some of his toughest punk rock friends to the Whaling Museum. “It’s very cool to see the looks on their faces when they see the giant whale skeleton,” he said.

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“Then we’ll have lunch at No Problemo, peek out the window of Paradise McFee’s, say hi to Jeff at the barbershop, drop by Solstice, chat with Roger at the record store, show off The Vault, have a drink at the For Farm, maybe run to play video games, go back to DNB for a burger. I could go on and on…”

A shout from Wilhelm.

The cover for the new album is also inspired by downtown New Bedford, designed by artist Dave Klock, featuring a crazy shopping street with decaying buildings and an upside-down cobbled street.

“I couldn’t be happier. We’ve always represented New Bedford pretty strong so that was a no-brainer,” added Angelini.

20 years and still

The New Bedford-based drummer will be the first to admit that even after more than 20 years, he still doesn’t use the word “done” when reflecting on the band’s journey.

“We’re still doing it, and probably will be for the rest of our careers,” Angelini said.

However, he admits he has become more comfortable on the road. “We’ve been all over the planet. We’ve seen a lot of cool and interesting things, and met so many great people.”

According to its website, the band’s upcoming tour schedule includes Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and several cities in the United States and Canada.

A Wilhelm Scream drummer Nicholas Pasquale Angelini is a resident of New Bedford.

He said he always loves getting on any stage and playing the drums, something he never takes for granted. “There are a lot of talented musicians who never get the chance to do what we do. I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity.”

He said he would like people to know that it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight “If you don’t do it because you like it, you might want to do something else. If you want to go there, fasten your seatbelt because chances are it’s a long road with lots of ups and downs.”

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