98% of Pam & Tommy is a lie according to former band member

Pamela Anderson was a sad footnote at the time of this scandal. As described in “Pam & Tommy”, Anderson had to deal with the weight of abuse of comedians like Jay Leno, while Lee was often easily dropped from the limelight. Corabi also came to her defense in light of this trauma. “Apparently HULU, and everyone else involved in this heap of bullshit doesn’t care how Pam feels about having to relive this,” he wrote on Twitter. Her concern also extended to Anderson and Lee’s two sons that they continue to co-parent, despite the end of their marriage (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

There are elements of Anderson’s life that aren’t in Corabi’s statement that are also entirely glossed over in “Pam & Tommy.” As Showbiz CheatSheet reports, the couple briefly reconciled after Lee spent time in jail due to domestic abuse. The Hulu series briefly mentions domestic violence in Anderson and Lee’s relationship in the end credits, but didn’t make it a priority on the show, nor did Corabi mention it in his Twitter post.

Anderson went through a lot because of this time in her life and continues to stick to her decision not to be involved with the show (via decision maker).

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