80s hair metal cover band to throw birthday celebration | The music

For 80s hair metal cover band Stranger Than Paradise, things seem to be falling into place at just the right time.

Looking for their next chance to show off their neon spandex, booming guitar solos and gigantic choruses, the band found the perfect opportunity with Cafe Acoustic co-owner Christina Grimes’ birthday.

“She always treats bands well and it’s a super fun room to play. We were talking about dates and she said, ‘You know, it’s my birthday.’ I’m like, “I’ve got the perfect band for you,” said drummer Brian Smith.

Performing at the “Birthday Bash for Mama Bear,” Stranger Than Paradise will release classic, deep 80s hair metal songs beginning at 9 p.m. on Saturday, February 26 at Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall, 1918 Frederick Ave.

When the band started about a year ago, the members did so out of love for the genre and fun bands like Def Leppard, Kicks, and Danger Danger.

“It’s just fun enough (to bring) that excitement and all the dynamic looks, visuals, sound, everything, just to remind everyone of more carefree times,” Smith said.

One thing the band didn’t expect was a complete revival of the genre through HBO Max and DC Comics’ “Peacemaker” show, which features several hair metal bands.

“I think the soundtrack itself is fantastic and definitely a really cool vibe. I kind of threw that on the guys. I’m like, ‘Hey, we talked about doing the song. Guess what? It’s on ‘Peacemaker,’” he said.

The hope is that the renewed interest in the genre will lead more people to relive those days in the 80s with Stranger Than Paradise. Smith said he would be happy with anyone who showed up to have a good time and pay their respects to Grimes and Cafe Acoustic.

“We would play a lot of classics for you to sing along to and the girls would come out on the dance floor and have a great time. And then maybe some songs you’ve never heard before. (We) might incite you to other acts that you may not have been aware of,” he said.

Admission to the show is $5. It is open to everyone from 21 years old. A costume contest will be held for those who wear their favorite 80s hair metal look.

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